Monday, September 29, 2008

Keeping Up With the Times

So, there has been way too much going on to just write one post. But I'll start here anyway. We are absolutely loving being only an hour apart. Last weekend we got to go to Wesley's staff prom. It was awesome. Anywhere that plays the Electric Slide is already awesome, then add in Olive Garden and some of the best people ever, and there you go. We had a great time. The following day, we went to Memorial Park and let my pet turtle, James, go back into the wild. Eliot caught him for me about a year ago when he was tiny, and now he's at least three times as big. So, although it's sad, it's for the best that he has a lake now instead of a 10-gallon tank.

Then, last Thursday we met in Athens and left for South Carolina. The trip itself was quite an adventure. We stopped at a gas station that was overrun by cars. We stopped and interviewed the people there for Eliot's photojournalism class. You should see this-- it's pretty awesome. (You can see it on his blog here

Friday morning we got to see Zach's (Eliot's brother) graduation from Marine bootcamp. It was great to be there, and we are all extremely proud of him. There should be some pictures of the ceremony on Eliot's blog soon.
It was a great weekend.


PS-- Some exciting news coming up in the next post... Get ready!

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