Monday, September 15, 2008

Athens/709 Cherokee Ave SE/SCADATL

I arrived in Athens on Friday afternoon of this past week. That night Paula and I made homemade spaghetti sauce and she made a strawberry cheesecake, from scratch! For Saturday lunch she took me out for Sushi, and that night we grilled out. I did the burgers while she made the french fries (not the frozen soggy sort, but whole potatoes fried in a pot of grease type of fries). She spent a large portion of the evening cooking several meals (chicken and rice, tortellini with chicken and fried veggies, leftover spaghetti and cheesecake, and a few extra burgers from the cookout) to tide me over during my first week of classes in Atlanta. On Sunday morning I made french toast and scrambled eggs. Sunday night was Five Guys Burgers.

We have been eating like royalty.

On Sunday evening Paula and I drove to Atlanta. I have since gained a new house, and three new roommates, or rather... they have gained me. The new place is directly across from Grant Park on Cherokee Ave SE. It is a great area. The park is awesome, and there is a zoo right across the street!

I misread my schedule and missed my first math class this morning... not a great start. But, I am going to hit the ground running at for 1 o'clock speech class.

More updates to come...

Eliot VanOtteren

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