Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Update on Life

We picked a reception place! It's on St Simons, right by the ocean, and it's going to be beautiful! As for other things.. the search for the dress continues, and all other aspects are still a long list of options! That makes it fun though, we can pick out one thing at a time.
As for us,
Eliot's in Mexico right now with his friend Jimmie. They'll be there all this week. Hopefully we can put up some pictures soon of where they went, it sounds like it's awesome. Luckily, everyone from home made it through this past week without getting hit by a hurricane. And me, I'm still up in Athens. School and Wesley both started this past week, so my life is a type of busy I've never known before. I love it though. We had over a thousand people come to Wesley's first service last week, it was amazing! I am so excited to see how that all progresses this year. I also started a job working at a nursery on Sunday mornings. Today was my first day.
That's about all I have for now, but life is good, and going by fast! We are still counting down, and getting more excited about what is coming up!

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